One-on-One CST sessions

"Memory and dementia therapy close to home, at home". Our certified coaches meet regularly with clients to provide cognitive lessons that have been customized to the person’s current abilities in five key areas:

  • Language and music
  • Visual/spatial orientation
  • Memory
  • Critical thinking
  • Computation

If you’re caring for a loved one with dementia, you are probably already looking for ways to maintain that person’s quality of life. Our sessions (which generally last one hour) extend beyond rote memorization tasks or doing the same games repeatedly. The program is based on research findings that validate the impact of regularly challenging people with novel content to help them maintain and even possibly improve their cognitive ability.  Countless studies suggest, in addition to maintaining cognitive function, this type of stimulation may help reduce the risk of developing dementia (please ask us about our wellness program). Research also suggests that cognitive coaching may stabilize and possibly even improve the cognitive function of people with Alzheimer’s disease.  The client also benefits from a supportive relationship with an educated coach capable of engaging him or her intellectually. The combination of mental stimulation and meaningful engagement cannot only impact cognitive function, but can help improve quality of life for people diagnosed with dementia.  

CST sessions are tailored for each individual, depending on their current level of functioning.  Sessions are recommended at least twice weekly, but ideally three times a week.  Family members receive a monthly report that tracks the clients progress, and provides insightful feedback.  Family members have commented how comforting it is to know their loved one has regular interaction with their CST trainer throughout the week.    

Cognitive coaches travel to our clients, whether they are still at home, or at an assisted living facility, nursing home or memory care center.  

Clients learn best in their own environment.  Also, caregivers don't have to worry about taking their loved ones to and from appointments.  

Group sessions

We also offer cognitive stimulation activities in a group setting.  Group sessions can help seniors maintain their cognitive function, improve self-esteem and enhance their social connections.

Our group sessions are interactive classes designed for independent adults and seniors, as well as those in assisted living or memory care communities. Each one-hour presentation includes exercises that target the same five key areas of cognition, along with information on brain health and aging well.


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